Sandhill Cranes

As part of its mission to help humans learn to live in harmony with wildlife, AHA! provides the following Action Alert for our neighboring state of Wisconsin‘s upcoming Conservation Congress vote on instituting a sandhill crane hunting season.

Action Alert

DEADLINE: Before April 10, 2017

WHAT TO DO: Contact the Conservation Congress liaison and express your opinion in a brief, cogent, and polite manner.

contact information

Kari Lee-Zimmermann
Conservation Congress Liaison
608-266-0580 (phone)

You can also visit the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Facebook page to weigh in at:

Some key points to express

  • “I understand that the sales of hunting and fishing licenses have provided essential funding for wildlife conservation projects in Wisconsin.”
  • “I understand the cultural heritage of hunting in Wisconsin, and understand that some people hunt for food. However, sandhill cranes are not a food source.”
  • “It is inhumane to let wildlife suffer the consequences of destructive human actions on the natural environment, including imbalanced wildlife populations.”
  • “I am asking the Wisconsin DNR to seek solutions other than hunting to restore a healthy balance to the sandhill crane population.”

Additional Information

Why are Illinois residents becoming involved?

Many of us who live in Northern Illinois frequently shop in Wisconsin and visit its many attractions. Wildlife moves beyond state boundaries, and therefore the idea of a sandhill crane hunting season is a regional concern.

Attend a Conservation Congress Open Meeting Yourself

Here is a list of the April 10, 2017 meeting locations by Wisconsin county:

For those who live in Wisconsin

Following is the sandhill crane item as it’s shown on the Annual Spring Fish and Wildlife Public Hearing Agenda. Click here for a PDF with more information on the public input process.

Question 80

QUESTION 80: Sandhill crane hunting season (540616) (requires legislation)
There are 700,000 sandhill cranes in North America and 17 states have hunting season including two states in our flyway: Kentucky and Tennessee. A management plan approved by 31 states and Canadian provinces in eastern North America established that the Eastern Population of sandhill cranes was large enough to be hunted and established a process for a state to apply for a limited quota based hunting season. In Wisconsin, the state legislature must approve a quota-based hunting season on sandhill cranes before the DNR can develop a season.

80. Do you support legislation which would give the DNR authority to begin the process to develop a hunting season for sandhill cranes?

80. YES____ NO_____