About AHA!

Affordable Spay and Neuter Program

We offer our community a convenient low cost spay and neuter program for cats. Spaying and neutering spares your beloved pets from the constant stress of breeding cycles and the hormonal drives that can cause pets to dart outside and become lost. We’ve helped thousands of people get their pets safely sterilized and vaccinated at our modern, conveniently located clinic.

Our beautiful and friendly resale shop in Lindenhurst helps us fund our program. The shop is also where we offer our community periodic education events about nature, wildlife, holistic health, and pet care. Visit us today to shop or to learn about our natural world.

AHA! Spay Neuter Video

Share our unique spay neuter video with all of your animal-loving friends.

AHA! Goal

Our goal is to engage humans in innovative learning programs that help them to better understand and live in harmony with the many magnificent creatures with whom we we share our planet. After all:

Humans aren’t the only species on Earth. We just act like it.

~Source unknown

We also connect people with the resources they need to understand, enjoy, and aid animals—domestic or wild.